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Independent Are We?

We do not carry out all the services by ourself, we are a platform to bring supply and demand together and try to simplify the process.

We do not decide who carries out the audits from Audit Independer, but the clients.

Clear Information

We explain everything clearly and give you useful tips to make the right choice. Would you like to be kept informed of all developments and the latest news all year round? Visit our weblog or sign up for our newsletter.

Access to Smart Tools

Make smart use of our handy tools to help you choose and communicate faster.

Answer all your Questions

Our experts are at your service every day. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more. Via chat, telephone or e-mail.

Audit Independer

Quality mark for audits, certifications, standards and schemes institutes

Our Services

Our service as Audit Independer Platform is to offer a platform where supply and demand meet, where communication can take place and multiple functionalities in the field of audits and certificates can be used.

Our Quality Marks

Our Audit Independer ‘Quality Mark’ is a quality mark for audits, certifications, standards and schemes institutes. For this, our experts have carefully checked all parties on a large number of points.

How do we Earn?

We have a membership that organizations can use free of charge and if organizations want to use more functionalities, organizations can take a paid Membership.

In addition, we receive a percentage of the assignments they receive from the Organizations via Audit Independer from the Certifying Institutions.

The choice of who the organization takes as a Certifying Institution is entirely up to the organization itself, we have no influence on that.


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