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Advisory board members are hand-selected and targeted for the expertise they can bring to Audit Independer to help fill in knowledge gaps. In addition, they can help Audit Independer break into new markets or industries.

Meet the Advisory Board of Audit Independer:

Ruud Koornstra, is National Energy Commissioner from the Kingdom of The Netherlands, Chairman of the SME Innovation Top 100 Chamber of Commerce, Minister of Innovation Cabinet of the Chamber of Commerce, Member of the RvA Supervisory Board of various companies and universities, Lecturer in innovation and innovation and Honorary fellow at the University of Amsterdam.

After a career as a television producer, Ruud Koornstra, as an activist entrepreneur, has been at the cradle of a large number of disruptive sustainable innovations and companies with his company Tendris over the past 15 years. Conceptual and technological development companies include Oxxio, the first and fastest 100% green energy company; Lemnis Lighting, the inventors of contemporary LED lighting; The New Motion, European in the field of electric transport. Ruud is coordinator of SDG 7.

Boško Gavović, is an expert in the field of auditting and verification specifically in management systems, food safety, sustainability, product safety and industry systems. Bosko is currently CEO of TMS cee in Serbia for the last 10 years and was previously CEO of TÜV SUD Serbia for 12 years.

Danny Vermeulen, audit expert, has undergone a transformative journey that has shaped his unique leadership style. Fuelled by a quest for tranquility, he seamlessly blends creativity with analytical acumen. Danny’s unwavering focus on progress, quality, and craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of his work.
With a keen eye for detail, he dedicates equal attention to fostering involvement and facilitating meaningful connections through open communication. Living by his core values, Danny is committed to providing a safe working environment and consistently invests in building trust and reliability., Currently serving as an Operations Manager, Danny takes pride in contributing to excellence in his role. Join him on this journey of continuous growth and unwavering dedication.

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